Windows Phone Insider app released! Windows Phone 10 preview soon? [UPDATE]


It is 10 days left to the official unveil of Windows Phone 10, the reveal will be at an event in Microsoft Home, Redmond, Washington. It is highly anticipated that Microsoft will preview/demo the Windows Phone 10 OS and after the emergence of this Windows Insider app, it is safe to say that we just might be get to toy with the new mobile OS after the event? or soon after?

Preview for Developers is an app that allows you to download and run firmware direct from Microsoft servers, bypassing carrier approval and availability, this allow many Windows Phone users to use the latest firmware without having to wait for the usual carrier testing/approval.

PfD has proven to very useful especially to Verizon Lumia Icon users, who haven’t gotten an update from Verizon since the phone was released.

Today, a Phone Insider app was released by Microsoft, and judging from the app description, it is very similar to the PfD.

Here is a snippet from the description of the Phone Insider app:

The Phone Insider application provides registered Windows Insiders the ability to receive pre-release OS updates on their phone, directly from Microsoft.  

So it looks like this app will allow you to download OS directly from Microsoft. But isn't that what the PfD app already does? The only logical explanation I can think of is either the PfD wasn't built to update users to  Windows Phone 10 or Microsoft is just rebranding the Preview for Developer app.

Seeing as you also need to be registered to the Insider program to get the Windows 10 tech preview. I believe as part of the unification process, Microsoft is just rebranding the PfD app to Phone Insider app.

You can download and install the Phone Insider app now, but you wouldn't be able to log in just yet. Hopefully registration will be opened after the WP10 event on Jan. 21st, fingers crossed!

Either way, it looks like we could be getting a preview to the Windows Phone 10 OS soon!


We will learn more about this Phone insider app during the Microsoft event on the 21st, this according to Gabriel Aul, Engineering GM for the Operating Systems Group at Microsoft who tweeted in response to a question from a WinBeta Editor…

 So we will hear m ore news on what this app does and hopefully we will get to download and run the Windows Phone 10 preview using it.

Hope you are excited, Even Gabriel Aul is…