Nokia N1 Smokes the iPad Mini 3



Nokia recently launched the Nokia N1 tablet powered by the 64 Bit Atom Processor and everybody would be keen to know how it races with its competition. Before I tell how well it did, I feel Nokia is actually rising from the dark and I loathe the misconception on Social Media that Nokia is dead! This social fallacy has become a bugbear to frighten away people from getting a Nokia Device though Nokia still runs on its limited stock of devices (Nothing new as of now). I am not sure about other parts of the world though but this is the current picture here in India.

Nokia N1 was recently launched in China and it went on pre-order for Yuan 1599 which is 257 USD. This device was expected to start selling since yesterday nevertheless it is expected to hit many stores in China today.


The iPad Mini 3, Nexus 9 and the Jolla’s Tablet are the current hot runners for the Nokia N1’s performance check but actually Nokia (according to the data) has THE edge over these competitors. Furthermore, Nokia’s N1 also has lots of miniature innovations like the reversible USB connectors (Type-C), which is not present in all the competitors. This is yet another carefully sculptured NOKIA device.

A short time ago, Nokia N1 has appeared on GFXBench benchmark and the device appears to arise as the front-runner in both Manhattan and Rex Tests when evaluated against the iPad Mini 3, though the gap is not as wide as seen on AnTuTu. I am not surprised because Nokia always had the best in class hardware, not the latest though in the N1 but it did kick some butts! (Including Qualcomm). Also, with Android you could do much more.

Check out the scores below.



The next question mark would be about the Apple’s iPad Air 2! Don’t ever compare a Fifty Thousand Rupees Apple device, with the seventeen Thousand Rupees Nokia N1! The N1 is unquestionably the best device for this price tag and obviously Nokia N1 doesn’t even compete with iPad Air 2, maybe the Nokia N2 might compete with the iPad Air 3 but currently this is hypothetical. I do agree the Apple’s iPad air 2 is cool but it doesn’t mean anything if Apple restricts how you use it. So evidently I prefer the N1 to the Apple iPad Air 2!

I always wondered what would it be like if Nokia could bring all the latest top Notch features, including the design and other things in a single device, wouldn’t that be a killer? I reckon, Nokia has to work on optimizing the software to even out the Hardware performance and I wish Nokia launches the N2 which would outdo all the devices!

We still have many inactive Nokia fans wishing for something as hot as the Nokia N1 so they could give the brush-off to people who brags about having an Apple or a high spec Droid. Let us all be happy!

Cheers Siva for the tips!

Source – NPU