[Tweak] How to use Lumia Camera 5 on a Nokia Lumia 830, 930 and 1520 with Lumia Cyan



Originally the Lumia Camera 5 app should have been released by Microsoft in Q4 together with the Lumia Denim Update. The Lumia Denim Update brings some cool new features like the ability to capture videos in 4k quality on selected devices or also Moment Capture and Rich Capture. You can have also a look at our Hands On Video with Lumia Denim to get a more detailed look at the features which are coming with it. Now since December 2014 the Lumia Denim Update is available for some devices, tough Microsoft has not officially released the Lumia Camera 5 app so far. In the Windows Phone store Lumia Camera is still in version

However for some devices it is possible to get the Lumia Camera 5 app right now, thanks to WMPowerUser we can show you a trick how this is possible. With this trick it is possible to install the Lumia Camera 5 App on Nokia Lumia 830, Lumia 930 and Lumia 1520 unfortunately this is not working for other devices, so follow the instructions below if you own one of these Windows Phone devices:

  1. Download Lumia Camera 5:
    First of all you have to download the Lumia Camera app, in order to do this, follow this Link.
  2. Default Camera App:
    Secondly you have to set your default camera app to Lumia Camera because this trick works via the camera button only. To do that, go to Settings –> Swipe to applications –> photos+camera –> there you have to set your Default Camera App.
  3. Camera Button:
    Now hold down your camera button until the Lumia Camera starts for the first time.
  4. Update Your Phone:
    So this is really strange, at the first start up of the Lumia Camera App you will get an error message which should look something like the one below displayed on the screenshot. In this case you have to press the back button, which will exit the app.

  5. Last but not Least:
    If you hold down the camera button one more time the Lumia Camera App launches again and voila no error message will be displayed, you can now use the latest version of the Lumia Camera App.

Let me know if this little tweak worked for you, but remember this works only with the Nokia Lumia 830, Lumia 930 and the Lumia 1520.

Source: WMPowerUser