AT&T Announces Rollover Data



Well not to be shown up by T mobile, AT&T has just announced that they will enable rollover data for all new and current mobile share value customers. Starting Jan. 25th Any customer on a mobile share value plan will be automatically enrolled in the rollover data plan.

“Rollover Data is an added benefit of being an AT&T Mobile Share Value customer and it’s just another way that we’re saying thanks to our more than 50 million plus Mobile Share Value subscribers,” AT&T Mobility chief Glenn Lurie said in a release. “We’re providing even more value and flexibility, and the best part is it’s simple, shareable and easy to track for our customers. All Mobile Share Value customers get this automatically.”

I think this is awesome and I’m glad AT&T is stepping up to the plate to make an effort to keep there customers satisfied.  If you have any questions regarding the rollover data click this FAQ’s link .