Microsoft introduces the Nokia 215, the most affordable Internet-ready entry-level phone yet


Nokia 215 Header

Microsoft silently announced the Nokia 215 today, it’s a new feature phone from the company, coming for 29$ as a Dual SIM and Mono SIM device. For this price it is an great device because if you own it, it doesn’t mean that you can not stay up to date with your social contacts. The device ships with Opera Mini for browsing and Bing search. Furthermore you will get a preinstalled Facebook and Messenger app with the device. Also Twitter shouldn’t be a problem for the Nokia 215. If you buy the device you can choose between black white and green as the device will be shipped in these three colors. Below you can have a look at the intro video of the Nokia 215 which Microsoft has published on YouTube a few hours ago:

Social Networking

So as you can see in the video above, the Nokia 215 is a great feature phone focused on the Internet. With the device there comes a preinstalled Facebook app and since messaging via Facebook on a smartphone is only possible via the Messenger you will also get an app for that so that you can stay in contact with your friends even if you leave your Smartphone at home and you rely on this device. However what would be an app if you don’t notice when a friend is interacting with you on a social network, therefore Microsoft has build in Instant Notifications for the Facebook and Messenger app so that you won’t miss anything on your Feature Phone.
So if you are a massive Facebook user this would be the right device for you, but what about other social networks. Well unfortunately there is no Instagram app or something like this but this would not make sense anyway because the camera is not that good, however if you are a Twitter user you will be lucky. Microsoft has not included a Twitter app in the phone like they have done it with Facebook but they have partnered with Opera and included the Opera Mini browser. This brings you the ability to check your new Mentions and Retweets also via the Nokia 215, unfortunately instant notifications are not supported.

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Online Experience and Connectivity

So what is one of the most important things today, of course to stay online in order to get work done from everywhere. Therefore Microsoft included a browser named Opera Mini, which is also available for Windows Phone by the way. With this browser it is possible to access your favorite websites fast and easy and with Opera Mini you can be sure that they will be displayed in the right way. If you are just looking for a picture you could send your friends via the Facebook Messenger app you can use the preinstalled Bing Search app which brings you the most beautiful pictures from the internet to your device on a convenient way. And of course you are always prepared when it comes to bad weather or pride sunshine, because also a MSN Weather app comes with the device which keeps you up to date about what’s going on with the weather at your place.
When it comes to Connectivity the device isn’t as good as a Nokia Lumia 1520 but hey it can give you the basic features. Therefore you have build in Bluetooth 3.0 so that sharing is made very easy with other Bluetooth capable devices. Beside Bluetooth 3.0 there comes also Bluetooth audio support which lets you stream music from your phone to other device which support Bluetooth, like a headset for example. SLAM is also included in the device, this makes it possible to share files easily and fast with other device that support the SLAM technology.

In order to share some files with your friends via Bluetooth or Facebook you need some internal memory first in order to save some files on your device. Therefore Microsoft included MicroSD support in the device for MicroSD Cards up to 32GB, this will ensure that you never run out of space. So this have been a few nice features of the Nokia 215, at the graphic below from Lumia Conversations you can have an even more detailed look at what you get with the Nokia 215 for 29$:
Nokia 215 (3)

To conclude, Microsoft has announced another great feature phone here which is capable of a few great things. It is the ideal phone if you have never owned a smartphone before or to supplement your smartphone but not to replace it. One of the features which I am missing on the device is WhatsApp, since WhatsApp supplements the traditional messaging more and more it would have been important to included that according to my opinion. Let me know what you think of the device in comments below.

Source: Lumia Conversations