1020 running Ubuntu – The age of PC/Desktop-Mobile convergence!



Who would prefer an unknown Mobile Operating System or maybe a new comer when we all know that Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS are currently the Mobile OS bigwigs? For that matter, I was thinking Microsoft’s unexperienced route towards the Windows Phone (WP) would fritter away however Microsoft with all its best has kept WP in the race. Where WP was in 2012 and where it is now in 2015 is what they have pulled off despite the scare tactics used by their rivals. With the Denim Update, WP is almost in par with Android and of course they have to work on bridging the App Gap which MS is deeply occupied on.

It is just not the Apps that matters! Don’t think the race is over yet!

I was actually wondering where the mobile industries are currently heading towards and started to bring together my views on that however I was only able to formulate theories of my own after a long discussion with my friends! Here is the link about the philosophies, hypotheses, presumptions and theories that we discussed!


I just realized that we are in the age of PC/Desktop-Mobile convergence! Yes! With the latest leaks about the Windows Phone 10, I reckon my overworked phrases would someday become an axiom!

Talking about the Mobile-Desktop Convergence, I recently read an article that mentioned about the Nokia Lumia 1020 running on the Linux based Ubuntu Operating System. It is not the Mobile version of Ubuntu but the Desktop version itself! As many say, Windows Phone might be the last place where you would expect to see Ubuntu OS but we have got many other devices (Nexus 4, Nexus 7 2013) which were found running on the Linux based OS with ease. Another point is that, I gathered words that Ubuntu OS runs effortlessly on the Nokia Lumia 1020 which sports a Dual Core Snapdragon MSM8960 Chipset. Don’t think we are heading nowhere, this is the first leak of the 1020 or a Windows Phone running a Desktop OS which is not far away from achieving the equilibrium across all devices. With that, Ubuntu is trying hard to get head to head with iOS and Android but they are not prominent as that of the last-mentioned. Furthermore, Windows Phone 10 is also one among the very few “PC-Mobile” converging Operating System. This is what Android is missing however I have also heard rumors about Android Desktop OS. I am also sure, Apple will follow Ubuntu and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 10 league soon.



About the Ubuntu OS:

Ubuntu as we all know is an Open Source OS, so small scale companies who are looking forward for some break through might take a look at this OS and think of giving it a shot! Again, to answer my first question on

“Who would prefer an unknown Mobile Operating System or maybe a new comer when we all know that Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS are currently the Mobile OS bigwigs?”

It doesn’t mean we do not have the 3rd or the 4th spot. Also, Ubuntu OS is same as that of what we see on a PC. So, this could be a breakthrough if it comes before the Windows Phone 10 and unquestionably it needs some time for Android or iOS influenced people to realize that Ubuntu OS is not bad either.

Ubuntu Phone OS brings most of the Android goodness except the apps and few UI tweaks. One of the biggest problems with Android is that there are many users who are still stuck at Ice-cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean while only a few are enjoying the latest upgrade that is the Android L. So there wouldn’t be such problems with Ubuntu OS as they are starting fresh. The sliding UI of Ubuntu Phone OS is simply great. All in all, you can slide from any edge of the mobile screen to use the desired functionality. Even for die-hard iOS users, Ubuntu Phone OS is a treat to look at. This reminded me of the Sailfish OS, eye-candy UI! Ubuntu OS needs to work on native apps or they might have to support android apps (Slide Loading).


Continuing the Article…

According to this latest leak, the first true Ubuntu-based handset will release in Europe in the second week of February 2015. Of course, it will be a mid-range budget phone which will be sold directly to customers through the Spanish carrier Bq. Hope our Europe Team members gets an hands on the Linux based Mobile OS. (Chris, Martyn and Simon). I wonder how this handles the Monster sensors of the 1020 though! I hope to see a preview of this somehow!

One of the Weibo users had already posted pictures of 1020 running the Ubuntu OS however we are not sure about the moto of 1020 running the Ubuntu OS or we are not even sure if this is an actuality. If at all this is true, Ubuntu is planning for the next big thing! The convergence!



Declaimers: My View!

Source – Weibo