My 5 most improved Windows Phone apps of 2014



I’m taking a look back at Windows Phone apps that have greatly improved this year 2014.

A lot of them really did improve, but I didn’t use them all, but here are a few I did use.


When it comes to online music streaming service, I bet Spotify is #1. They release a Windows Phone app early on when Windows Phone was still making its way main stream. but sadly the app was pretty mediocre, it was just  basic app that allowed you to search for and create your own playlists. It was no where near what its Android and iOS versions offered and it was like this for more than a year until this year when Spotify finally got the update it deserved and not just an update it was a major overhaul.


It was a good year for mobile shopping apps… eBay Mobile app finally got a huge update, prior to that, you couldn’t get notifications on ending bids, you couldn’t make payments from the app, it was awful. But fast forward to 2014 when the eBay app got a complete overhaul, though there is still room for minor improvements but still if you used this app in 2013, then no doubt you are happy with the improved/updated/upgraded eBay WP app today.

Amazon Mobile App:

Another online shopping store app to get a major upgrade… Amazon, this app used to look a webapp (an app that just takes you to the webpage). But Amazon stepped up their game and released a refreshed look of the app, bringing expanded functionality and more features that brought it up to par with it’s

Let’s not forget the ever popular IM apps, I think all of them got big updates this year, but the I will only mention a few notable ones…

WhatsApp: WhatsApp has made giant strides forward with the WP app, today thanks to multiple updates and improvements, you can now change your individual chat backgrounds, make calls directly from the app, adjust privacy settings (like block contacts), manually backup or archive your chats, even adjust text size. All these weren’t possible a year ago. A lot of improvements there.

Viber: The Viber team also went to work on the Windows Phone app, it couldn’t be ignored any longer, prior to this year’s update, when you made a viber call, you couldn’t end the call, it was bad, but this year they updated the app with a fresh UI, and most especially the sticker market was introduced to WP users, they also added a few new features like voice notes, chat backgrounds, Viber Out features. There is still a lot of improvements to be made. There still haven’t introduced video calling to the WP app yet.

Words with Friends:

Words cannot describe how awful this app was a year ago, it was practically unusable. Wordies know what I am talking about. But Zynga finally had time to address the lingering issues plaguing the app and decided to revamp the app completely. Though it is still no where near the Android/iOS versions, it is a leap forward from where it was a year ago (which was nowhere).

This list showcases Windows Phone apps that were either basic or just awful a year ago to most improved this year.

While there are tons of apps that were revamped, refreshed, overhauled, upgraded, updated and even activated, apps like Shazam, OneFootball, OneDrive, Skype, Camera360, MetroTube and more. I try to list apps that are a complete contrast from their former versions from 2013.

So what was your most improved windows phone apps? sound off below.

Also let us know what apps you use that are awful and didn’t get any update love this 2014 from their developers (example, Draw Something, MapQuest, IMDB, Dominos Pizza and a lot more) got no love from their developers this 2014