Is installing Android apps on Windows Phone really the answer?


There are rumors coming in from ZDNET’s Mary Jo Foley that Microsoft might consider supporting Android apps on Windows Phone. while she confirms this is just a plan B, the idea alone irks me, I am both disgusted and irritated that the WP development team or who ever is in charge of Windows Phone has this insane idea floating in their skulls. It is also an insult to WinPhans out there who stuck on the platform even when it had just 7,000 apps in its store. not to talk of the many developers who slaved to bring unique Windows Phone apps to the store at a time when developing for Windows Phone had no incentive.

First of all, Blackberry have tried exactly this idea and guess what? Windows Phone came from behind and surpassed them in smartphone market share. So the fact that Microsoft are looking into this is mind boggling.

If Microsoft ends up implementing this, I will switch to Android, it’s the only logical thing to do. It will also signal the death of Windows Phone.

This will make Lumia just another Android OEM competing with Samsung, LG and HTC.

Yes, I agree there is an app gap in Windows Phone but it is shrinking month after month. I can proudly say that with the recent release of Candy Crush and WatchESPN apps on Windows Phone, my app wishlist is complete, I have all the apps I need on a smartphone.

But that doesn’t mean the app gap isn’t there. It is and developers are still reluctant to bring their apps to the platform, the most common excuse being that they are focusing on Android and IOS.

the Solution:

So how does Microsoft fix this issue?

Apart from the fact that Windows Mobile 10 and the unified experience with Windows 10 Desktop is going to offer something great and innovative.

I think the solution is simple, Microsoft and the Windows Mobile development team have to figure out a way to make it super easy for developers to port their Android and IOS apps to the platform.

If they make it possible to port an Android/IOS app and metro-fy it (give it that unique Windows Phone Metro look and feel) within an hour, maybe 2 then this will surely erase the app gap and also erase this stupid idea of install android apps on Windows Phone.