Snapchat for Windows Phone is gone, what can the Community do to bring it back?



Currently a kind of war between the popular chat service called Snapchat and the Windows Phone Community is going on. Due to security problems the company started to warn all Windows Phone users not to use a 3rd party app for their messaging service but now this war reached a next step. Not only that all 3rd party apps have been removed from the Windows Phone app store, most likely on the request by Snapchat, but also if you are using a 3rd party app since a while now and you have still installed it you will not be happy with the decisions the company is making. Beginning with this morning, the service is banning users of a 3rd party app permanently from Snapchat, so it doesn’t matter if you wanted to install the app before it got removed or if you have installed the app already.

Now the best reaction would be to bring an official app of Snapchat to Windows Phone which would be solving all the problems, or to at least, use the existing 6snap app from Windows Phone App Developer Rudy Huyn and make it together with Rudy to the official Snapchat app for Windows Phone, wouldn’t that be cool? Well Mr. Huyn has contacted Snapchat and of course the answer was not that good, according to him they are not planning a Snapchat app for Windows Phone in the upcoming months.

So what can we do apart from wishing Rudy all the best and hoping that he can convince them to make an official Snapchat app for Windows Phone by working together with him? It might not be much but you may know the website which is for making petitions to various topics accessible to everyone worldwide. In my early days as a #WinPhan I have once started a petition there for Google to make a Google+ app for Windows Phone but this a Ghost Town anyway so who cares, and who needs Google Services.
However there has been started also such a petition for Snapchat by Casper Tobias Svensrud with a goal of 7000 signatures. Currently 885 people have already signed the petition but that is far too less, so just had over to and sign the petition Make Snapchat for Windows Phone!, this takes only a few seconds and it can help a lot. Below you can read the description of the petition for Snapchat:

We have been waiting years on an official app for Snapchat on WP, but now Snapchat are blocking us from using 6snap and then it is much more important to make an app! They’re making new features into Snapchat and use money on that, but instead of that they should make an app for Windows Phone! For example SnapCash… Who is gonna use that? I think “no-one” because you must have an exact bank to use that feature so support my petition instead of all the new features for Snapchat and go to -> support -> Requests and feedback -> Support my incompatible device -> Windows Phone. Just twit them, mail them, send pm on facebook and do everything you can and do your best to make a Snapchat app available for Windows Phone. Share this and spam Snapchat as much as you can so they’re understand what we’re trying to tell them! We’re desperate! Snapchat Support

So I would welcome you to share this article, not for us, not for OneTechStop but for the Windows Phone Community and don’t forget to sign Make Snapchat for Windows Phone!

Source: Windows Mobile PowerUser