Change default Search Box Text (Cortana) in Windows 10 Build 9901



A few days ago a leaked version of the Windows 10 Technical Preview reached the web, this was Build 9901 of Windows 10. Since an important event of Microsoft on January 21st is ahead where we will most likely see the Windows 10 Consumer Preview and Windows 10 for Phone, this leaked Build includes and even more mature version of Cortana.
It is well known that Microsoft is preparing Cortana for Windows 10, not only because this leaked version of Windows 10 but also because there have been found some parts of Cortana in earlier versions of the Technical Preview already. Now in Build 9901 the Search Box can be found in the task bar by default and if you click on it Cortana is launched waiting for you to ask her something.

This also happens if you try to start the ‘Search’ app in the App List in the Start Menu, but if you use the Search Box in the task bar you will notice that there is a default text as you can see on the screenshot below. @Whistler4Ever has made it to change this default text via the registry and thanks to Pureinfotech this came to my attention. Maybe that isn’t a big thing but I think that is a nice little trick how you can customize Windows 10 even more and that’s why I share it here.


Basically this a very easy trick, but I guess that only more advanced users try the Windows 10 Build 9901 anyway but be aware of that if you change something in the registry it can brick your system, however let’s get started:

  1. Open the Registry:
    In order to open your Registry just hit the Startbutton + R which opens Run and there you type in ‘regedit’, you can also right click on the Startbutton and start Run or you search in the Search Box for the ‘regedt32.exe’ application.
  2. Browse to the right path:
    Once you have opened the registry on your preferred way you have to find the right folder where you can create the String Value, so just follow the following path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Search
  3. Create new String
    Found the right folder? Now simply right click somewhere on an empty space, go to new and choose String Value. Then name this new String Value SearchEditBoxText.
  4. Registry

  5. Finalizing
    Now edit the String Value and enter what you want to appear in the Search Box. Done! All you have to do now is to restart your computer that the new text appears.


So I hope you found this at least a bit helpful, this is a nice little customization of the Windows 10 Search Box, let me know what you have changed your text to below in comments. Thanks for reading.

Source: @Whistler4Ever via Pureinfotech