Microsoft releases December Update for Windows 10 Build 9879



Originally Microsoft wanted to release new Build versions for Windows Insiders on a regular basis, so something about every month or every second month, these updates always included some big changes and a lot of small fixes and boosts to the system. Additionally Microsoft also included a few features which were on demand in the Windows Insider Community.
However this month Microsoft is not releasing a new Build version except the leaked one, which you can also install if you can not wait until January 21 when they will probably release the Consumer Preview of Windows 10, but that is not an official released Build version. Though there is something which Microsoft brings in December for Windows Insider participants, this time it’s a small Update which you should receive via Windows Update and prepares your system for the release of the next build from FBL_AWESOME branch.

These branches have been introduced with the last Build 9901 which leaked a couple of days ago. If you open the settings app and go to Update & Recovery you can choose ‘Preview Builds’ in the settings menu there you can choose on the one hand if you want to receive your Build versions ‘Fast’ or ‘Slow’ and additionally you can choose now from what branch you want to receive your Update from. In Build 9901 you can only choose FBL_RELEASE, like you can see on the screenshot below.

Screenshot (139)

Gabriel Aul a member of the group which is working on the Windows 10 Technical Preview has stated something via Twitter about the Update for the Build 9879:

So obviously Microsoft is expecting that the Consumer Preview of Windows 10 will be pretty awesome, two features I am looking forward is on the one hand the continuum mode, so that I can finally install the Windows 10 Technical Preview also on my Surface Pro 2. On the other hand there will be included a version of Cortana which will be hopefully a bit more mature than she was in the Build 9901. By the way this might be also on of the reasons why you can not get the Build Update with the 9901 Build because you can not choose the FBL_AWESOME branch instead of the FBL_RELEASE branch.
So let me know what you are looking forward to the most in the upcoming Windows 10 Technical Preview which will be presented on January 21st by Microsoft.

Source: Microsoft News