The Browser Choice option for Windows is gone



In 2009 Microsoft has been committed by the European Commission to bring a way to choose a default browser to Windows because Windows has such a huge market share in the PC business (hopefully in the Tablet business soon) that it is not fair for other developers who are working on a competing browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Therefore Microsoft introduced back then the browser choice, an annoying little update which gets installed automatically via Windows Update if you don’t block it. However this was not a choice by Microsoft but by the European Commission to bring this update and since Microsoft has paid a lot of fees in the past to the European Commission because of various violations against these restrictions this was the only thing they could do.


Now today Microsoft is discontinuing this Browser Choice application because the company made an agreement back in 2009 with the European Commission which is stating that the restriction is valid until 2014. Microsoft is saying the following on its official blog about the browser choice which is discontinued from now on:

What is the Browser Choice update?
Microsoft provided the Browser Choice update in accordance with a decision issued by the European Commission in December 2009. The obligations imposed by that decision have expired and as a result the Browser Choice Update will no longer be delivered to new users.

Microsoft had even created a Browser Choice website where you could read all about this topic and could get some information about this update and what it is all about. Also this website is now showing a small paragraph where Microsoft is saying that the browser choice program will be discontinued in the future due to expired restrictions by the European Commission. What do you think of this change, should Microsoft continue to offer a Browser Choice for all its users? Let me know your opinion below in comments, thanks for reading.

Source: WPCentral