Lumia 635 coming to Sprint US, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile on Dec. 23rd, $99


If  Microsoft wants the Windows Phone market to succeed in the US, it has to partner with every major carrier in the US and it looks like they are doing just that with Sprint announcing a renewed partnership with Windows Phone.

The Lumia 635 will make its way to Sprint affiliates Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile as pre-paid phones starting Dec. 23rd, just in time for Christmas. But it wouldn’t be available as a post paid option till Jan. 16th.

This is good news, as we hope to see even more Lumia and other Windows Phone make their way to these carriers to bolster the Windows Phone efforts.

The Lumia 635 will be available from Boost Mobile in cyan, and the white version will go on sale with Virgin Mobile, the device will cost $99.

There is not info on its pricing on Sprint Network yet.

You can read the official announcement HERE