Gestures Beta | Allows you to control calls on your Windows Phone with gestures



Former Nokia Beta Labs, now called Lumia Beta Labs have released another awesome app which makes the experience with Windows Phone even better. The app is called Gestures and is currently in Beta, with the app installed it is possible to control your Windows Phone without the need to touch it when a call is incoming. Lumia Beta Labs has already released a few awesome ideas in the past and also this new Beta app is pretty neat.

So what can you expect of the Gestures Beta App? Well let’s talk about it, the first thing is when a call is incoming you do not have to slide and choose what you want, simply move the phone to your ear and you will answer the call automatically, almost magically.
Need you hands free during the call, no problem just move the phone away from your ear and place it on your table or on any other surface with the display facing up, this will automatically turn on the speaker, pretty amazing.
Of course that’s not all, if you have speaker on and someone else wants to talk to you, just turn your Windows Phone around so that the display faces down on the surface. This will mute the microphone so that you can speak to the person who wants to talk to you, tough the speaker will stay enabled so that you can hear if the person on the phone needs an answer from you.
And last but not least it is also possible to silent an incoming call simply by flipping your phone so that the display faces towards the surface.

Below you can have a look at a demo video which has been uploaded by Microsoft Lumia to YouTube just a few days ago. It shows how the features I described above are working and what the app is capable of.

So let me know what you think of this new Windows Phone app from Lumia Beta Labs in comments below. If you are interested in trying the app you can do so by clicking on the app logo below or by scanning the QR Code with Bing Vision which should bring you directly to the app in the Windows Phone App Store.


Source: NokiaPowerUser