Windows 8.1 To Support MKV File Format; FLAC Coming Soon!




Low and behold! It seems the times of “VLC Everything” may soon be behind us, as Windows has announced that it will now begin supporting the MKV video file type natively with Microsoft’s built in video app. Though long associated with pirating due to it’s abundance on various file sharing sites, the move by windows will hopefully move towards the file type being accepted in a more legal variety.

Microsoft also announced that windows 10 will also natively support FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) files in Windows 10, which is huge for audioheads and sound engineers who previously had to use 3rd party applications to get every hum and buzz out of their audio files.

Overall a movement towards wide range file support should make most everyone happy, and hopefully indicates a move towards more support in the future.

What file type would you like supported next? Let us know in the comments.