Minecraft Pocket Edition available for all Microsoft Lumia Windows Phone devices


Minecraft Header1

Microsoft Studios has finally released a Pocket Edition of the popular game which was originally developed by Mojang but has been bought by Microsoft some time ago, of course I am talking about Minecraft. Minecraft is a very popular and fastly growing game which is currently fascinating more than 100 Million players worldwide. With the Pocket Edition there are coming almost all features you are used to on your PC also to your Smartphone. That means you can choose to build a new world in Creative or in Survival Mode furthermore it is also possible to join one of the million Minecraft servers with your Windows Phone.


So this version of Minecraft for Windows Phone comes directly from Microsoft and brings all the new features which players love with it. You can experience the new biomes caves villages and mobs. The Single Player version does not need an Internet Connection for playing which is great because then it is also possible to play it without wasting your mobile data. Of course there are the two basic modes integrated in the game which we already know from the console and PC version. There you have on the one hand the Survival Mode where you have to collect all your items such as food, tools and construction materials for you buildings on your own. On the other hand you can choose the Creative Mode, all your items are endless you do not have to search for anything except your fantasy, this mode is, as the name already suggests, to live your creativity and to build your dreams.


The game is available in the Windows Phone App Store for 5,99€ or 6,99$, that’s not cheap but it is also a pretty awesome game. However the game is not limited to devices with more than 512mb RAM so it doesn’t matter if you want to play Minecraft on your Microsoft Lumia 930 or on a Low Budget device like the Lumia 520 is one. Tough you have to install the latest version of Windows Phone on your Microsoft Lumia which means that you will need Windows Phone 8.1 to play it. You can download the app by clicking the app logo below or by scanning the QR Code with Bing Vision on your Windows Phone. Let me know if you like the game below in comments.


Source: NokNok