Delicious fan-made promo-video/renders of the “alleged” Lumia 1030 (1020 successor)


It looks like we wouldn’t get the Lumia 1020 successor until mid 2015, if rumors are true. That will mean a 2 year time period since the Lumia 1020 was released.

So if you got the Lumia 1020 on a 2yr contract (from At&t for instance) then this works perfectly for you!

In the meantime, we have seen leak images of a prototype device that has been speculated to be the Lumia 1020 successor(1025? 1030? 1040?) and while this prototype looks meh!

A very talented phone designer took to the drawing board to render superb images of what the finished product could look like and they are mouth-watering…


1030x51030x1 1030 1030x7 1030x6 1030x4 1030x3 1030x2


Since the prototype shows an all aluminum casing like the N8, it has got a plastic base (also loike the N8) and this is for better reception/signal, as all antennae (Wifi & LTE) will be located here

Since this device will take on the same material & design concept with the N8, will we see this 1030 in the same colors that came with the N8… Let me refresh your memory…




I have reached out to Phone Designer and asked if he can render them in these N8 colors.

I hope Microsoft also releases the 1030 in these colors as a way of tribute to the N8 🙂

What do you guys think?


BEfore I forget, you can check out more concept cool renders from their facebook page:

There is also a SHORT video of the rendered product on their facebook page.