Bing releases Bing Search Trends 2014



As every year Bing is releasing the Search Trends also this year, as the year comes to an end. There you can find search trends to a lot topics which people have searched for this year. There was for example the Ice bucket Challenge which is also listed at the Bing Search Trends 2014 website, whereas Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook and Bill Gates are the top 3 by the way, our beloved Star Wars actor Harrison ford is number 10.

However there are also some other interesting search trends listed, such as Top TV shows or popular devices. Under popular devices Windows Phone makes the 7th place by the way, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is 5th and the xBox One is 2nd.

Furthermore you can have of course also a look at the most searched celebrities and musicians. So there is listed a lot from Bing but what me impresses actually the most is how nicely the website has been designed I like it a lot, very touch friendly and nice looking. So If you are interested now to visit the site by yourself just follow the following link which should direct you to the site.

Bing Search Trends 2014

The Bing Search Trends have not only be released for the US, you can choose your country on the upper right corner. Let me know what you think of the Bing Search Trends 2014, did you expect it like this and what is your favorite category? Let me know below in comments, thanks for reading.