First Look at the VLC Media Player app for Windows Phone



The VLC Media Player app is a long awaited app, not only for Windows Phone, but also for Windows RT. The developers have already promised that the app will be released very soon a few times still we do not have the app yet. Tough they have already send out invitations for beta Windows Phone testers so this is a good sign that it can not take this long anymore until the public release takes place.

Well and because the first certification of the app for beta testers didn’t work they have now probably uploaded a video to YouTube which shows all the features of the new upcoming Media Player App for Windows Phone. I have to say that the design is really nice I like it very much and we all know that one of the biggest advantages of the VLC Media Player is that the app is capable of almost all formats you can find for Music and Video files to play them.

So have a look at the video below to see what the Video LAN team came up with. The video itself has been uploaded by Thomas Nigro who is also involved in the developing process of the VLC app for Windows Phone.

Source: Thomas Nigro YouTube Channel