Windows 10 is now supporting the FLAC audio format



So Microsoft has released it’s last build of Windows 10 until the end of this year, the next version will come in early 2015 according to official source. This means there will probably not come any big changes to Windows 10 until the next Build arrives, tough Microsoft is bringing some small nice additions to Windows in the meantime. With the last Build Microsoft has integrated the support of .mkv video files what makes it possible to watch these files also with the default video player app or with Windows Media Player. The .MKV format is a very important and very often used video format and it is great that Microsoft is now officially supporting it.

However it seems like Microsoft is currently changing its way of thinking or its strategy because as you can see at the tweet below Gabriel Aul tweeted that also the popular free lossless audio format .FLAC is now supported by default in Windows 10. He has posted this statement with a screenshot of the Windows Media Player where you can clearly see .FLAC as the type of file.
Now this is great, not only for the user but also for the app developer. Developers can now concentrate on design and do not have to worry anymore how to get support for various file formats. What do you think of the .MKV and .FLAC support by default, let me know below in comments.