Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines equip their pilots with the Microsoft Surface Pro 3


Austrian Cockpit

Back in September, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has been successfully qualified that it can be used as a Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Microsoft has posted this also on their official Surface Blog in September. Now since the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has been designed as a device which can manage exercises for almost all purposes and combined with NavAero or its compatibility with a wide-range of aviation-focused apps like Jeppesen makes the Surface Pro 3 the perfect companion for a pilot. Therefore more and more commercial airlines are choosing the Surface Pro 3 for their pilots to get the best result.

Also the Lufthansa Airline and the Austrian Airlines have now switched over to a Surface Pro 3. The Austrian Airlines have already begun to roll out the Surface as a electronic flight bag for 650 pilots but until the end of this year about 1000 pilots will be equipped with the newest tablet generation from Microsoft. The Lufthansa Airline has ordered 5000 Tablets from Microsoft already and will distribute these to their pilots sometime between February and May in 2015.


The biggest advantage of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 for commercial Airlines is that in earlier times the electronic flight bag has always been written by hand and it was a lot of paper work to do as you can see at the picture above. Now this is possible with apps like the already mentioned Jeppesen App, with the navAero there has been also introduced a mount prototype which will be used in cockpits to guarantee a safe use of the Surface Tablets. In the video below you can see what this prototype will look like.