Nokia Memories for Lumia Cinemagraph users will be discontinued



Lumia Cinemagraph is a very popular app, originally from Nokia, for Windows Phone users with a now Microsoft Lumia device. It allows users to take a photo in landscape or portrait mode with their smartphone and then they can edit it so that a specific part of the picture has movie-like animations, to make the picture more alive just like a .gif file. Once you have edited the picture you can export it from the app as a .gif file and share it on social networks or send it someone via email, all you need therfore is a Nokia Account.

For sharing these Cinemagraphs with the Lumia Cinemagraph app you had to upload them to Nokia Memories, once uploaded the website has generated a link for you to email this Cinemagraph someone or to post in on a social network. Now Microsoft is sending out email in which they are explaining that they will discontinue this website on Jannuary 12th 2015. This means that all Cinemagrahphs which have been shared via Nokia Memories so far will be deleted, so be sure to download them if you want to keep them. How to download your Cinemagraphs is explained in the email Microsoft has send out and which you can also see below.


Of course it will be still possible to share your Cinemagraphs in the future also without Nokia Memories, therfore Microsoft has updated the app so that you can export the Cinemagraphs as videos and share them directly via your app with various social networks. If you haven’t tried this app yet, download it below by scanning the QR Code or clicking on the app logo.