Leaked Images: 5-inch Lumia device in production


A couple of images showing a 5-inch display for an unknown Lumia device just hit the internet courtesy of Chinese based website: ithome.

The photos show a display (looks to be 5-inch) of a Lumia device (judging from the capacitive buttons), from the photos you can also see multiple boxes containing this display. It’s either these photos were taken at the factory where these displays were manufactured? Or at an assembly plant where they just received them ready for  assembly. Either way, we just might be close to seeing a new Lumia device unveiled, hopefully sooner than mid 2015 (when Windows 10 is expected to be released)



We already saw a spreadsheet (in chinese) which listed specs for a Lumia 940 (though many say this spreadsheet is fake) . the fake specs included a 5inch qHD display, like the one just leaked today. Hopefully, those fake specs become a reality (I know everyone is secretly wishing that it does).

Conspiracy theorists (such as myself) already believe these leaked shots were orchestrated by Microsoft in a bid to quell the Nokia N1 buzz.


Source: ITHome