Nokia Event on 18th Nov. what’s next, Nokia? #thinkingahead



Nokia sure loves the feeling of “Fresh Start” but the question is, “what’s next, Nokia”?


From manufacturing papers to producing sturdy quality mobile phones, Nokia has reinvented itself over its way of life. So as NPU site has citied, Nokia “just changes forms.”

Nokia can’t launch devices due to the Nokia-MS deal but it can do more other than launching devices. Lately, we have been getting tweet teasers directly from Nokia but we weren’t sure what it is about.

Today, we have got a news related to this. NOKIA will be in attendance at the SLUSH 2014, Finland’s largest tech conference, being held on November 18th and 19th.


Sebastian Nyström who is the Head of Products Business at Nokia is going to represent the company on Tuesday 18th November at the SLUSH 2014 in the Nokia event called “What’s Next, Nokia?”


So many are anticipating an App from Nokia like the Z-Launcher but I have a different brainwave. I was just checking out Sebastian Nyström’s “About the speaker” and I found the following

“He has also held positions such as Senior Vice President of product development in Mobile Phones, Vice President and Head of the MeeGo Program, and Vice President of Services and Application platforms. In these roles Sebastian has had the responsibility of developing devices and delivering software to over 200 million consumers.”

Yes, the Meego part…


Jolla, picked up MeeGo’s community-driven successor Mer, to develop a new operating system called Sailfish OS. Now Jolla also has something big to announce on Tuesday. So I am pondering if Nokia is going to partner with Jolla to make devices/Apps? License Sailfish to use the Nokia brand ??

I actually got reminded of the tweet that Nokia posted recently about saying good bye to Microsoft Lumia.

goodbye Lumia

Nokia certainly cannot make it into the market with an unknown brand and they can’t use their name on Mobile devices for few years. Furthermore, the market is very saturated now with people very attached to the entire Apple and Android networks and not just the devices, despite them being below other manufacturers. I am also hearing stories that Nokia will support WP less as time goes on, I guess because of the smaller market share. Nokia can’t make phones till 2015 Nov 17th I guess. Not sure about the dates though. My question was, is it hinting at making something in 2016. I reckon it will make Android devices. Things are vague as of now.

What’s next? Nokia Will Return, Hints At Finland’s Next Smartphone? Android, Sailfish or WP, What will be Nokia’s next plan to get into the game? Now, Tuesday Nov 17th 2014 might be a big hint!

Whatever Nokia has planned, we would know that soon and I personally can’t wait for Nokia to get back on track into the market with a bang! Let us know what you think Nokia will do on Tuesday, in the comments section below.

Nokia Planned
Sources – NPU, “Is nothing but Nokia” Community on Facebook & Wikipedia.

Thanks to all the comments (special thanks to Patricks) that I got on Facebook in “Is nothing but Nokia” community.