Nokia Black Box – Teased!



As I just completed my previous article, yet another news caught my attention which may perhaps be bona fide. The news is from the Verge and it says,

“Nokia looks to resurrect its valuable brand on future devices”.

Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s Devices and Services division in April 2014 has made Nokia to give up its brand name and the Lumia trade name to the Redmond in a limited permit deal. According to the Verge, Nokia is now planning on licensing its brand which will let the 3rd parties the right to use its brand name.

The Verge says “It’s a similar approach to how Polaroid licenses its own brand to let third parties create TVs, cameras, and other electronics.”

So can we expect Jolla or another company to make a Nokia Phone? Successor of N9, the N10?? I was totally into the article by Verge and I was writing till here speaking of the devil, Nokia again tweeted a picture of a shadowy black box! I had to change everything now.

Nokia Box

Now, it is evident that Nokia is planning to launch that Black Box tomorrow but still no clue what that is!

Sebastian Nyström who is the Head of Products Business at Nokia is going to represent the company on Tuesday 18th November (11:25 – 11:45 Local Time) at the SLUSH 2014 in the Nokia event called “What’s Next, Nokia?

Guess what they are up to.  The speculation is hot and the top guesses are as follows

  1. Set top Box
  2. Media Centre
  3. Wearable? Like a Smart Watch.
  4. Nokia Booklet 4G/Tab
  5. Router (5G Enabled?) – Nokia was testing 5G and may still be in the research phase
  6. Jolla Device – Good news is that Jolla will still attend slush for this 2014 as well! Let’s See.
  7. Pureview Camera inside the box?

I honestly can’t predict any further what Nokia is set to launch! I can’t wait for What’s Nexteither