Microsoft launches Beta of Skype for Web


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Microsoft has recently launched a new Skype client which does not need to be installed, all you need for it is a browser. With this Web Version of Skype is everything possible which is already supported by the desktop application. You can use voice and video calling and of course also text messaging is supported by the web app. Skype for Web works on Windows with the Internet Explorer 10 and above and the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox, for Mac OS Safari 6 and above are supported. Mobile Internet Explorer and browser for other smartphone operating systems are not supported yet.

Well to be honest you actually need a bit more than just a browser, currently you have to install also a plug in for your browser in order that the web application works. Tough Microsoft is already working on this to remove this plug in sometime in the future and you are able to just got to the web application and use Skype.
Since this Skype client is still in beta status there are some know issues, especially for Mac OS X users this is a bit annoying as this beta brings also a higher battery consumption with it. Furthermore it can take a bit longer for outgoing video calls until they actually ring the contact you want to call, tough this is not really that dramatic.

Microsoft is currently sending out invitations for the Skype Beta for Web, you can check if you have also got one by logging in to your Skype account. They will continue to invite new users to Skype Beta in the upcoming months, additionally you can contact Skype on Twitter and try your Luck.
So what do you think of a Skype Client which gets simply powered by your browser, let me know below in comments.

Source: Skype Blog