Microsoft releases Movie Creator Beta App for Windows Phone



Yesterday Microsoft has released another very helpful and nice app for Windows Phone, this time it is all about video editing. With the Movie Creator they have released an app which is still in Beta status as the name suggests but it is really nice designed and I haven’t see something that did not work in my quick test with the app so save to download. Unfortunatly Microsoft is not mentioning the supported video formats in the app description but at least with my test .mp4 video it worked fine. The app allows everyone to quickly edit a video in a few easy steps, below I will explain the steps to your self made video.

  • Step 1:
    When you open the app, the first screen you will see is the ‘My Movies’ Screen, there you will se see all videos you have created so far and in the upper right corner you can tap on ‘+ Create New Movie’ to begin a new project. This brings you to an overview where you can set everything what you want for your video. You will notice that the default name for your Video will be ‘My Movie’, by simply tapping on this name you can rename your movie to anything you want. (Click on the Image to see it bigger)

    Step 1
  • Step 2:
    So now as you have set the name for your video you can choose the video, picture or something else you want to edit, therefore you can simply click on ‘Add Footage’. Now there you can decide what you want to open, there are a few ways, first of all it is of course possible to simply open a video or picture and edit it, but there is even more. The app supports also cinemagraphs and if you tap on ‘Places’ the app will, similar to Nokia Storyteller, display all your captured photos on a map which can make it easier for you to add the right picture. When you have added the file you want, you can click on the symbol in the upper right corner to set the quality your video should have in the end. By default it is set to Low Quality so be sure to change this if you want to create a HD video.

    Step 2
  • Step 3:
    The next step is to personalize your video, on the main screen you will have the ability to add a text to your video, such as a title or something else which should be displayed in your video for a specific time. Furthermore you can add a theme which gives your video a more personalized touch, a few themes are coming with the app out of the box but you can also click on the shop icon in the upper right to look for even more themes. Of course it is also possible to add a soundtrack because what would be a video of your PureView shots without a fitting soundtrack. In the ‘Songs’ tap there are some songs which come with the app but if you click on ‘Albums’ ‘Artists’ or ‘Genres’ you can also add a song from your music library.

    Step 3

  • Step 4:
    Last but not least the elves have to stich your video up, as Microsoft is saying it in the app, in order to do that just click on ‘Watch’ and the app will prepare your video. So that’s all 4 Steps to get to your personalized video with the Movie Creator Beta app for Windows Phone. In the app there is also the possibility to click on the question mark button which brings up a nice introduction how to use the app and its functions, just in case you are not sure on something.

    Step 4

So let me know what you think of this new app from Microsoft below in comments, and if you want to download the app, just click on the app icon below your scan the QR Cod with your Windows Phone.