VLC Player for Windows Phone isn’t far away anymore


VLC Media Player Logo

The VLC Media Player is a very popular media player mainly because it is possible to play almost every video and audio file you can find on your PC, but that’s not all the VLC Media Player offers also some other tools which make him so powerful. This Media Player is already available for all major platforms like Windows, Windows Modern App, Mac, iOS, Android so the only platform missing would be Windows Phone well it must be said that as a Windows Modern App it is currently only available as x86 and x64 version tough they are working on a ARM version already.

So according to Thomas Nigro a developer who is mainly involved in the developing progress of the VLC Media Player App for Windows Phone we can expect the app to hit the Windows Phone app store some time next week, so that would mean something between 17th – 23th of November. I am sure every enthusiastic and also normal Windows Phone user is looking forward to this release, not only because it is an awesome app which is everybody eagerly waiting. This means also another big name joins the party of Windows Phone apps and we are one step closer to the perfect app store.

A release of the Windows Phone version of this app would also mean that the ARM version is not far away anymore because it is not that complicated anymore to import Windows Phone apps to ARM PC’s or the other way round. Below you can have a look at a screenshots which has been published a while ago by Thomas Nigro.


So what do you think of VLC Media Player app coming soon to Windows Phone, do you currently miss this app a lot on Windows Phone? Let me know below in comments.

Source: Reddit