Enable early version of Continuum Mode in Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9879



Recently Microsoft has published it newest version of the Windows 10 Technical Preview, what I am talking about is Build 9879, unfortunately this Build will also be the last until early 2015 according to Microsoft. With this last Build for 2014 and the Build before there came a few nice new features like the notification center, the multi desktop view new icons and more but one feature is still missing what Joe Belfiore has also shown us at the Presentation Event of the Windows 10 Technical Preview, the Continuum Mode

Probably with the next Build version of Windows 10 Microsoft will introduce the Continuum Mode, so the earliest we can get it is 2015 but even in the latly released Build 9879 a sort of Continuum Mode is already included. It is clearly still a kind of alpha version but it is possible to enable it. Below you can have a look at a video, published by Microsoft, to see what Continuum Mode should look like once it is finished.


  1. Open ‘Run’ by pressing Start + R.
  2. Type in ‘regedit’ and click enter.
  3. Search for the following path in your registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ImmersiveShell\Launcher\
  4. Once found, Right-click and create a new DWORD 32-bit.
  5. Rename it ‘UseExperience’ and change the value to ‘1’.
  6. Reboot your System.

As I have already mentioned above, this Continuum Mode is still in Alpha Mode so if you try this do not be shocked if your Startmenu looks something like the screenshot is showing below. I do not recommend to do this because there is not really an advantage in enabling this yet, tough you can try this of course if you want to because it is pretty easy to change this back to the normal Startmenu. All you have to do therefore is to open the registry again and change the value from ‘1’ to ‘0’ in the DWORD you have created.


Picture Source: Windows Blog Italia