Updated Fake: Leaked Specs for Lumia 940? 24MP, SnapDragon 805 and Windows10


The Lumia 940 will feature:

24MP camera (most likely Pureview with Carl Zeiss Lens) with 4K recording

A SnapDragon 805 2.7GHz Quad-Core processor with Adreno 420 graphics chip onboard


It will come in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB versions

Gorilla Glass 4 on a 5inch qHD 1080p display.

It weighs in at 149gms and dimensions of 137x71x8.9

and it runs on… wait for it… Windows 10.

These specs are according to a tip the guys at PhoneArena claim comes from a Nokia Chinese Factory.

940 specs?

PhoneArena can’t vouch for its authenticity, so you take this with a single grain of salt.

To debunk this leak is very very easy.

First of all, anyone who uses Microsoft Excel (with the mandarin language pack) can create this in less than 10 minutes. Because let’s face it, that is all we are looking at right now, a specs sheet created with Excel.

Also, looking at the 920, 925 and 930, it is pretty easy to make an educated guess of what the next Lumia 9xx will look like. I bet a lot of Windows Lumia fans have thought this one up while idling away at work for instance (me!!).

On the other hand, let’s go with wishful thinking, this could be real, the fact that they went with a SnapDragon 805, meant they could make a phone with a pureview camera larger than 20MP, which could also mean the Lumia 1020 successor if it ran on snapdragon 805 would not need a separate processor for imaging. This would explain why this 940 is thinner.

Also about the GG4, though Corning hasn’t officially announced the Gorilla Glass 4, there is no doubt that their clients have already been given a demo on it and we might see it launched at next year’s CES event in Las Vegas.

And lastly, the spec sheet says Windows Phone 10, so are we going back to the “windows phone” name? I thought Microsoft dropped it for just… Windows 10! Besides, development of Windows 10 for mobile is still in its early stages, i believe we will get a few more Lumia updates before it is finally ready.

So already manufacturing Phones to support an OS that isn’t even nearly ready just looks out of place.

In conclusion, don’t stay up, don’t hold your breathe, it will be more than 6 months before we will get our hands on such a device if it were real!

[UPDATE] This is FAKE!