Leak: Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9879



Microsoft has officially presented its plan for the future of Windows and with this the Windows Insider program just a few weeks ago. The Windows Insider Program makes it possible for users to test even early Build versions so that Microsoft can collect the opinion what people like and what they don’t like. Microsoft is on a good way with Windows 10 and is working hard to make it better from day to day, they are also relasing new Build versions on a regular basis.

Build 9860 was the latest Build version of the Windows 10 Technical Preview which Microsoft had released for public access. With this version there came some important new features, for instance the Notification Center and the Search Button. Now this was one month ago that Microsoft has released Build 9860 and the next version is ahead. ITHome has released some screenshots of the upcoming Build 9879, showing some features which will be included in this Build.

  • Hide Task View & Search Buttons: By right clicking on the task bar it will be possible to show or hide both the Search and the Task View button in Build 9879. There is already a registry trick how to hide them even now, but it seems that a few people were complaining about these buttons and therefore Microsoft adds a regular way to hide them.


  • Internet Explorer 11 Smiley Icon: To improve the feedback mechanism, Microsoft has simply added a Smiley Icon to the Toolbar of Internet Explorer 11, this method has been used already in the Microsoft Office 2013 Preview, and it seems like this was a successful way to get some feedback therefore they are implementing this again in Internet Explorer of the Technical Preview.


  • Pin Icons & Explorer Navigation: With Windows 10, ‘Home’ has been introduced, now with the next Build version we will get the ability to pin various icons to Home so that it is more handy to access them because Home is always shown on the left Navigation Menu in File Explorer. Apropos Navigation Menu, if you are opening the File Explorer in the upcoming Build version, hard drives, DVD drives and things like that will be shown separately in the Navigation Menu, so that you won’t have to expand ‘This PC’ to see them.


  • App Settings Menu: Microsoft has already brought a lot of improvements to Windows for how Modern Apps are displayed and what they are capable of. One of thes improvements was the ‘Settings Button’ which you can find at the top of every app. Currently this button is displayed like this ‘…’ but with the next Build Version it will change to this ‘≡’


  • Power: Like we already know it from Windows Phone 8.1 also in Windows the battery will be displayed on the lockscreen to be informed better when the batter of your Laptop or Tablet is running low. This is one of a lot approaches of Windows 10 to Windows Phone (10) which will we see in the upcoming months.
    • Power

      So these are just a few of the changes which are ahead and will be coming with Build 9879, let me know what you think in comments below. Thanks for reading.

      Source: ITHome