VLC Player for Windows Phone – around the corner!


The wait is almost over for those who are waiting for the Moli Player replacement on Windows Phone platform. The official VLC player which was confirmed few months back has again hit the rumor mills and this time with a teaser. Thomas Nigro who is a part of the VLC Team building the WP version of VLC has given an inkling of the release date of the VLC Player for WP platform. He said that this could hit the stores as early as end of this month. Thomas hopes it will arrive next week but that may be a bit ambitious at this time.

The video displayed is just on the beta builds and not the final version. Anything could change even before the official release.

The official Screen shot of the VLC Player for the WP devices seems to be well organized and playing media from your SD Card will become even easier.


If you are not familiar with the VLC Player, it is a highly popular Media Player available cross platform which could play almost all the Audio/Video formats known. Now it is more evident that the WP support will soon be included. Currently we have the Moliplayer for the WP users which does the same job but Moliplayer is a paid Application. The VLC Player is expected to be a free App. We will wait for the official announcement.

Source – Neowin