Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Companion App available for Windows Phone & Windows


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On Monday Activision has finally released its long awaited continuation of its Call of Duty row, Advanced Warfare. It’s a great ne shooter game available for all major platforms PC, Xbox and PlayStation but what is a great game without a great companion app, well gladly Activision has also thought of us Windows Phone and Windows users. Since Monday the companion app is also available for these two platforms.


The app is mainly focusing the ability to interacting with clans so for example to create one or to support your clan even when you are not near your console or your PC via Clan Wars. The list below details the features of the new Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare app features for Windows Phone and Windows:

  • Clan Wars: Well as already mentioned above, the app focuses on Clan Wars, this gives you the ability to compete with your friends against other clans of similar size and skill and to gather positions on the Clan Wars map which is integrated in the app.
    By joining such Clan Wars you can win in game exclusive loots which can be used to customize the operator in Advanced Warfare Multiplayer
  • War Room:In the War Room you and your clan mates can manage everything concerning your clan. There you can see currently active or upcoming Clan Wars, the Clan Wars you have already had and your Clans contributors.
  • Emblem Editor: Like in previous versions of Call of Duty, also on this continuation are a lot of emblems included, but that does not mean that there is one you like. Therefore they have also included the emblem editor in the app which allows you to customize and create emblems for you or your clan, so be creative.
  • Additional Features: So these were some of the most important features of the app but there is even more, of course there is included a clan chat which allows you to contact your clan mates, you can have a look at the profile of other players and you can visit profiles of other clans.

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So nice little app with some good features integrated, unfortunately the app is optimized for devices with 2GB of RAM and more. Let me know what you think of the app and your experiences with it, thanks for reading. You can find the download for both Windows and Windows Phone apps below:

CoD AW Download WP
CoD AW Download Windows

Source: WPhouse