Microsoft and Dropbox are announcing partnership


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One of the things which gets still criticized on Windows Phone is the App Store for the smartphone OS from Microsoft. In the last months most of the big names joined the Windows Phone app store, unfortunately there are still missing some of these big names. Especially for newer services it takes its time until the app is available for Windows Phone, at least in most of the cases, however one of this big names still missing in the marketplace was Dropbox, until today.
Today Microsoft and Dropbox have announced that they are going to have an intense partnership over the upcoming years. This can have only positive effects for the user, it is surely difficult for Microsoft to partner with a cloud company because they have there own OneDrive cloud and try to promote and integrate there own cloud as good as possible in there OS’s but maybe this was an important step for Microsoft to get an app for this service into its store anytime soon.

So what does this partnership bring for us, you ask. Well basically this brings some good things whereas some of them can be used right away and some of them will come in a few weeks. So first of all the good things which can be used from now on:


1. Edit Office files directly from the Dropbox mobile app. Your changes will sync automatically across all your devices, so you can work anytime and anywhere.

2. Access Dropbox files from the Office mobile and web apps, so you’ll always have your work right where you need it. You can save your new files to Dropbox right from Office apps, too.

3. Share new or edited files from within Office apps using the Dropbox sharing functionality, so there are no extra steps between finishing a document and sending it off to colleagues.

This are some nice features but of course we know that there is not even a Windows or Windows Phone app for the Dropbox service yet, except the CloudSix for Dropbox app from Rudy Huyn. So another positive aspect is that Dropbox promised that an official app is on the way for their cloud service and will be published in the upcoming months. This would means that another big name is available for Windows Phone very soon, and during we are waiting for the official one we can still use the CloudSix for Dropbox app, at least on our Windows Phone.

So what do you think of this partnership between Dropbox and Microsoft, or what are you expecting from it. Let me know below in comments, thanks for reading.

Source: Official Dropbox Blog