Lumia Cinemagraph to get update soon to enhance sharing experience


According to Nokia Conversations page, the Lumia Cinemagraph app should get an update soon “with the sharing function being simplified to make it quicker and easier to share your memories with the new Lumia Cinemagraph Beta release”

The Lumia Cinemagraph in my opinion is the coolest image editing app in the Windows Phone store today, just check out these amazing CINEMAGRAPHS shots to see what I mean.

But Cinemagraph was plagued with a few problems.

For one, you couldn’t backup your cinemagraphs to say OneDrive, that’s how I lost all of mine, I had switched from my 920 to a 1020, went back to retrieve my cinemagraphs from OneDrive and found out there were just still images! I haven’t used the app since then.

Secondly, the sharing function has been very limited to say the least, after making those impressive creative cinematic shots, you were limited on how you shared them. Although now you links to share but that’s not enough.

So hopefully, this upcoming update will really improve how cinemagraph works and is shared.

Imagine if you could share your cinemagraphs directly on twitter, Facebook, Instagram or even WhatsApp. Wouldn’t people want to know how you did that?

I hope Nokia or Microsoft addresses this before Apple releases the iCinemagraf and calls it their revolutionary innovative cutting-edge imaging feature, ugh!



Source: Nokia Conversations