Lumia Camera now available in the Windows Phone Store!


The Nokia Camera app went missing from the Windows Phone Store a few days ago.

And everyone got excited, because that meant the much anticipated Lumia Camera app (which brings enhanced imaging features like Rich Capture, 4K quality recording, speedy shooting, Auto HDR , Dynamic Flash, Moment capture and more) was around the corner.

Well, not quite, while the app is back in the store and “updated” from Nokia Camera to Lumia Camera, nothing else has changed, it looks like the update was just a brand name change to my dismay.




Though it does make sense. See, the Lumia Camera’s new features will not be able to work with the Lumia Cyan (WP8.1.1) firmware version currently on your Lumia (except you have a 730/735 or 830).

Also, it looks like the new features will be enabled with the upcoming Lumia Denim update which is expected to roll out sometime this month.

The Lumia 930, 1520 (along with 830) are expected to get the enhanced imaging features that comes with Lumia Camera and Lumia Denim update.


Source: Nokia Conversations