Windows 10 for smartphones gets tested internally already



It is no surprise that Microsoft is currently working on several Updates for Microsoft, but thanks to Nawzil we have also some numbers which are going along with the upcoming updates. Nawzil is an ex Microsoft employee so this is a very reliable source. Below you can have a look at what he has said on twitter yesterday:

So according to him Microsoft is currently working on 3 Updates, first of all the Windows Phone 8.1 GDR 1 / Update 8.10.14200. This one has already been rolled out for those who are participants of the Developer Preview program. It should not take too long until this update comes also to all other Windows Phone users.
However the second update he is talking about is the GDR 2 / Update 2 8.10.15XXX for Windows Phone 8.1 users. This update should be available soon for everybody who is a participant of the Windows Phone Developer Preview Program. This update is expected to bring the data toggle finally to the action center and the ability to sort the settings to find specific settings easier. Furthermore there will be support for newer processors integrated and Cortana will come to even more countries with alpha status. The update has been expected originally for October, but despite the rumors it has not been released yet as preview version, tough it should not take long anymore.

On the day Microsoft has presented the Windows 10 Technical Preview, they gave us a short view on their vision they have with all their different operating systems. One big thing there was that they are planning to unify both Windows 10 for desktop PC’s as well as Windows 10 for tablets. Also Windows Phone will join this party and will be called Windows 10 in the near future. So according to Nawzil also Windows 10 for smartphones is being tested internally. Windows 10 8.15.12434 for smartphones is expected to be presented by Microsoft in January or February of 2015. Though it will not be released for all devices immediately afterwards, maybe as a Preview for Developers but not as a regular OS update for Windows Phone. The public release of the regular update will happen some time later in 2015, this is also suggesting a tweet by Joe Belfiore, which you can see below:

Source: WMPowerUser