Not only Nokia but also Windows Phone Facebook pages will be renamed to Microsoft Lumia


Windows Phone Logo Violett

Some rumors were already suggesting that Windows Phone will not stay as a name for the future and Microsoft has also confirmed this by now. Microsoft told us when they have presented the Windows 10 Technical Preview that they are going to unify all their Windows operating systems, for tablets, desktop PC’s and smartphones. So the upcoming name for Windows Phone will most likely be Windows 10.

Facebook is currently notifying users who have liked Nokia and Windows Phone pages that name changes of these pages are ahead. Surprisingly along with all the different Nokia pages also the Windows Phone pages will be renamed to Microsoft Lumia. Below you can have a look at a screenshot which is showing the name changes:


Now the rename of the Windows Phone Facebook Pages to Microsoft Lumia is indeed pretty surprising because this actually is dedicated to the Windows Phone OS itself and not to some smartphone models. According to Microsoft, Microsoft Lumia should be the new name which will be used instead of Nokia Lumia. So the only reason for this name change would be that all Windows Phone devices will be called Microsoft Lumia in the future also the ones from other OEM’s. However this would not make sense and I think that other OEM partners would not do that, so all we can do is to wait for a statement from Microsoft on this name change. We will see what explanation they have.

Do you have a plausible theory about these name changes of the Windows Phone Facebook pages, if so let me know below in comments, thanks for reading.

Source: Geek On Gadgets