Get a Fitbit Flex in combination with a Nokia Lumia 830 at AT&T


AT&T bundles the Nokia Lumia 830 with a Fitbit Flex

Good news for all AT&T customers and #WinPhans in America, starting this Friday the Nokia Lumia 830 is available in all AT&T stores and with this awesome Windows Phone you will also get a Fitbit Flex to live your sport activities.


The Nokia Lumia 830

The Nokia Lumia 830 is the thinnest Windows Phone in the Lumia family so far, with just 8.5 millimeters it fits into every pocket and tough you can be sure that it will not bend like some other smartphones do these days. This devices is the latest device which Microsoft has presented with Windows Phone, so there are a lot of advantages which are coming with it.

Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1

First of all it features the newest software version available so far. This means it ships with Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 and Lumia Denim. Update 1 or also called GDR 1 brings some stunning new features to your Windows Phone smartphone, this is for example the Live Folder feature which lets you create folders by simply drag one app over another. Folders are well integrated in the OS and this does not mean that you loose the Live Tile features because also apps in your folders update their Tile on a regular basis. Another improvement comes with the overhauled Internet Explorer browser which is now able to load sites faster and display almost all websites you are browsing to correctly. There are even more features coming with Windows Phone 8.1 Update, to see all improvements, follow this link

Lumia Denim

The other Software part which the Lumia 830 gets shipped with is Lumia Denim which is despite the Update 1 / GDR 1 exclusive to Lumia devices. With Lumia Denim, Lumia Camera is coming instead of Nokia Camera but this is not just a name change, the app is now faster and is even more intuitive for the user which means that the 10MP Carl Zeiss Lens of the Nokia Lumia 830 makes even more fun. Also possible with this new Lumia family member is to just say ‘Hey Cortana’ and your personal assistant will be launched thanks to the Sensor Core which has been introduced with the Nokia Lumia 930 and comes also built in with this device.


There are even more features included in the Lumia Denim update to see them all follow this link.
Above I have already mentioned the Sensor Core technology which comes with the Lumia 830, first of all to answer the question why this does not come for all Lumia devices, because Sensor Core is two things, hardware on the one hand and software on the other hand. So the 830 is one of the first device to have the Sensor Core Technology and this is very helpful especially for sport fanatics but also for other users because with this it is possible to track your mountain biking or running route for example. With this new technology Microsoft has also released the Sensor Technology SDK what means that developers all over the world can use this technology and can implement it in their apps.



So the Nokia Lumia 830 is the thinnest of its family so far and it features a 10 MP PureView Carl Zeiss camera but there are some more nice specifications I have listed them for you below:

  • Display
  • Display size: 5″
  • Display technology: ClearBlack, IPS LCD
  • Display resolution: HD720 (1280 x 720)
  • Processor
  • CPU: Snapdragon 400
  • Core: Quad Core
  • Clock rate: 1200MHz
  • Memory
  • Internal Memory: 16GB
  • External Memory Support: Yes Micro SD
  • External Memory up to: 128GB
  • Cloud Storage: 18GB OneDrive

To see the full list of features, please have a look at where every single feature of the new smartphone from Microsoft is listed. Below you can have a look at the Hands On video from Nokia itself which is on the one hand showing some of the great features, the Nokia Lumia 830 definitely has and on the other hand it shows the advantages of owning a Windows Phone and how it enhances everyday life for you:


The Fitbit Flex


So as I already mentioned, beginning with November 7th the Nokia Lumia 830 will be exclusively available at the AT&T Online and Retail stores, but that’s not all. Because it fits perfectly together with Nokias Sensor Core Technology you will also get a free Fitbit Flex with your brand new Windows Phone. Fitbit is just perfect for tracking all your running or other sports activities and of course you can share all the data with the Lumia 830 which opens the ability to share all this with your friends and family.


Fitbit has released a beautifully designed app for Windows Phone which is available to download for free in the Windows Phone marketplace. One of the benefits of the Fitbit App for Windows Phone is the integration of your new digital assistant Cortana. With Cortana it is possible to log any of the 350,000 foods of the Fitbit database, you can set silent alarms for Fitbit trackers and soon it will also be possible to log activities just by talking with your Lumia.

AT&T Exclusive

This offer will be available for a limited time, until supply lasts  exclusively in AT&T online and retail stores in the US. Depending on the contract you are choosing at AT&T, you can buy the Lumia 830 for 0 down & $18.75 a month on Next 18 or $22.50 a month on Next 12. It is also possible to buy the 830 for 99$ with a 2 year commitment or, if you just want to buy it off contract it will set you back  449$. To get a closer look at this awesome deal you can visit the AT&T website or you can wait until Friday and visit a retail store from AT&T to get a more detailed look on this.


Let me know your thoughts on this great deal in comments below, thanks for reading.

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