The question is: When will the Microsoft Band be available outside the US



Just a few days ago Microsoft has silently presented its competitor in the Smartwatch segment, the new Microsoft Band. This is on the one hand a fitness tracker for all sports fanatics but on the other hand it has also some smartwatch features like Cortana for example. Microsoft has presented its entry product for the wearable segment without putting much attention on the device, probably also because the device is only available for US customers for now.

Obviously Microsoft didn’t expect such a big success of its first wearable device, this is also proofed by the producing numbers which should not be too high as the device is already sold out. According to Joe Belfiore the limited availability for US customers only is to get some feedback and reactions on the new product. Microsoft was struggling with its Surface devices when they have released the first generation of it so maybe Microsoft did not make the same mistake twice and wanted to see how the device is seen on the market, therefore they have not made the Microsoft Band available worldwide at first, in the US it is currently available for 199$ and in three different sizes. Below is the tweet from Joe Belfiore about the limited availability of the Microsoft Band.

Also Yusuf Mehdi has said something about the global availability of the Microsoft Band. Basically he is saying the same like Joe Belfiore and says they want to get some feedback of the users in the US first to make it available worldwide. On Twitter he stated the following:

So the high request of the Microsoft Band on day one will surely show Microsoft that they have to make it available globally very soon, but there are still some difficulties which they have to manage. For example the Microsoft Band comes with integrated Cortana but what is with countries where Cortana is not available yet. Well maybe they just sell it there without Cortana for now but they could also wait until the voice assistant is ready for a country, at least in alpha status and after that they are going to release the Microsoft Band there.
Well we will see what Microsoft is doing in the end but let me know what you think about this in comments.