Cortana is showing up in italian language in Italy



With Windows Phone 8.1 Microsoft has introduced Cortana, the digital assistant for everyone, well not everyone until now it is still exclusive to some countries worldwide. There have already been signs that Cortana will be available in Germany soon because parts of Cortana have shown up in German, and now the same happens with Italian Cortana.
Windows Blog Italia is reporting that if you are staying in Italy Cortana shows you some things already in Italian language. At the screenshot below you can see the travel reminder when to get to work or something like this. On the right, the normal English one like it should be and on the left you can see the Italian Cortana. The buttons still remain English because the language has been set to US.
According to Windows Blog Italia a release of Cortana for more European countries should happen before the end of 2014, we will see if this really happens tough we are hoping for a release in 2014 of course.


Source: Windows Blog Italia