6cret app might be pulled from Windows Phone App Store due to copyright infringements



Rudy Huyn is a French developer who is pretty famous for his always beautifully designed and good working Windows Phone apps. He was the guy who has brought a Instagram app to the Windows Phone community long before Instagram or Microsoft were caring about this problem, I am of course talking about his most famous 6tag app. Rudy has already struggled with the 6tin app because of copyright problems but in the end he made it to release an app which has been accepted and could stay in the App Store.
A few months back Rudy Huyn has released a new app called 6cret which is a nice handy app, like we know it from Rudy, for the Secret social network. Secret is basically a network without usernames and profile pictures for people who want to post anonym. Last night Rudy Huyn has tweeted the following:

In the tweet Rudy was referring to Jared McGuire, who is working at Secret and has also written the complaint which Rudy has attached to the tweet. In the writing Jared is claiming that Secret does not have an API for public use and that the 6cret app “infringed upon our copyright by emulating our app”. Furthermore the use of the API is a violation against their terms of service.

Currently the app is still available in the Windows Phone app store but most likely it will not take long anymore until the app gets pulled from the store because of the above mentioned infringements. So if you have not tried the app yet and you want to test it before it gets pulled, then better be fast. You can download the app below by scanning the QR Code or clicking the app logo. Let me know your opinion on this in comments below.


Source: Windows Central