WhatsApp for Windows Phone receives big Update



WhatsApp has been bought a while ago by Facebook and since then there have already been numerous ‘leaks’ about new features that are on the way for the Windows Phone OS. WhatsApp is running a closed beta where it is unfortunately not possible to join, however today an update has been submitted to the Windows Phone store which includes some of the features which we have seen some time ago from Windows Phone users who were lucky enough to be a participant of the closed beta. Todays update includes bug fixes, faster app startup and things like archived chats and the ability to rotate or crop images before you send it.

One of the best new features is the ability to share your location, but this is not that simple. If you open a chat now you can tab the ‘add’ button which is in the the middle of the app bar and there you can choose your location. But there is even more, first of all you can drag and drop your location to any place you want to which is pretty nice if you want to pretend to be at work but actually you are in a pub with friends. However WhatsApp shows you also place near you so that it is very easy to set a specific place to meet and all the participants of the chat also now how far you are still away from it because your actual location gets still displayed beside the chosen place.
Another nice feature which has been included in this update is the ability to archive chats so if you have any chats you do not want to see everybody just archive it so that if someone accidently opens your WhatsApp he can not see your private chats. The screenshots below are showing how this looks like.


There is even more, like I have already mentioned above this update brings also some new features concerning the sharing of images. So with this update it is possible to add descriptions to your images and videos what you are sharing on WhatsApp but that’s not all there have been also added some ways to edit your images a bit before sending them. Two very helpful features especially for photos but also for normal pictures, you can now crop your images so that you can only share the part you want others to see and you can also rotate your images which is of course also nice to have this feature.
Staying at the topic ‘images’ I have to mention also that it is now possible to set a separate chat background for all your different chats. Nothing special but another nice new feature which is nice to have. Below you can have a look at some screenshots so that you can imagine how this looks in the app.


Here is a full feature list which the WhatsApp Update has brought today:

  • WhatsApp opens faster
  • improved location sharing
  • captions for photos and videos
  • crop and rotate photos
  • archive chats and groups
  • each chat or group can now have it’s own background
  • better support for phones with high-resolution screen

If your Windows Phone has not noticed you about the update yet, then scan the QR Code below with Bing Vision or click on the app image to get directed to the app in the Windows Phone app store. Let me know you thoughts on todays WhatsApp, thanks for reading.

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