Microsoft Band (fitness tracker/SmartWatch) unveiled. On sale NOW for $199


Microsoft has just announced the Microsoft Band and it is pretty awesome…

After months or speculations, rumors and FCC documents, Microsoft blindsided us by announcing the Microsoft Band and the Microsoft Health companion app late in the day, today Oct. 29th.

While many were checking their windows phones for any signs Lumia Denim update.

Microsoft launched the Microsoft Health companion app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Moments later the Microsoft Band was unveiled.

So what exactly does this latest addition to wearables bring to the market? Let’s find out:

The Microsoft Band is a smart-watch/Fitness tracker that connects to your phone via bluetooth.

Apart from the similarity in design to Samsung’s Gear Fit. It has multiple sensors that tracks your heart rate,  your exercise, tracks your steps with distance traveled thanks to its inbuilt GPS mapper, tracks your calories burned, even tracks your sleep, you can even track/buy your Starbucks coffee with this Band. I tell ya… This is the ultimate tracker.


and with Microsoft Health companion app, allows you to see all these information at your convenience on your smartphone anytime.

The Band has a battery that will last 2 days on 1 full charge. Haven’t confirmed how long it will take to fully charge it though.

It also doubles as a smart watch, you can get reminders, see messages, social media notifications, email, calls and even interact with Cortana right from the watch without ever taking your phone out of your pocket.


Pretty neat stuff. So who is getting one. I’m thinking about it, maybe make it my new year’s resolution to get one and get in shape.


Read more about the conception of the Microsoft Band HERE

Or check out its landing page RIGHT HERE