OneDrive for Windows Phone recieves Update and gets overhauled Design



The popular OneDrive client app for Windows Phone has received an update today which brings some new features and a completely overhauled design. OneDrive is Microsofts Cloud services and that is why it is important to update the OneDrive app on a regular basis. Gladly Microsoft is doing this and the app is getting better with each update.
This time it is an update mainly for business customer, at least concerning the new features, because the new UI of the app comes also for normal OneDrive users. For the first time the OneDrive app is now also supporting OneDrive for Business what means that is now also possible to login with your normal or with your business account and you can edit add or download files from both of your accounts. This is a great new feature for business customers because basically they were not able to do anything with their account on a Windows Phone, neither uploading nor downloading files. With this Update it is also possible to share items which is very handy for business but of course also for normal users, when you are already on your way home but a colleague from work suddenly realizes that he needs something from you. Just share a link and the problem is solved.

However there have not only been some updated features for business customers but also a complete remake of the apps design, somehow it is now reminding me of the recently new designed Facebook app, what does not mean that I do not like the new design. All in all it looks well thought-out and clear, you can quickly navigate between your general files, your recent files and your files which you have currently shared with someone. Also the search button is now better integrated in the app. Of course it is still possible to change between the two designs how files and folders get displayed in the app with the button of the middle from the app bar.
Below you can have a look at some screenshots of the new OneDrive App where you can see the overhauled design from Microsoft.


So let me know what you are thinking of the big redesign and the new business features which Microsoft has implemented in the OneDrive app for Windows Phone today. I think Microsoft is on a good way with this now they only have to get the Xbox Music app back on track and there will be soon some more advantages to #switchtowindowsphone.
Click the app logo below or scan the QR Code to get directed directly to the update in the Windows Phone App Store.

OneDrive App