Phil Spencer from Microsoft speaks about what will happen with Minecraft


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A few days back Microsoft has announced that they have finally bought the Minecraft Game and its developers for 2,5 billion US-Dollar. Now Phil Spencer, Chief and Manager of the Microsoft Xbox section says that currently there is not planned a Minecraft 2 version because currently this would not make sense. First of all they will spend their time on bringing all the existing Minecraft versions for Xbox PlayStation and PC to the same level and after that they will continue with bringing new features to the game.
In the video below Phil Spencer is talking about Minecraft and what is planned in the near future to make Minecraft an even cooler experience on all platforms.

Their first goal will be to import all the different game types from the different platforms to the Xbox Live network. This will enable a few new features which sound pretty good as Phil Spencer talks about them. So for example the already long existing mods for the PC version of Minecraft will then also be available for the console versions of the former indie game. Furthermore it will be possible to play the same game on all platforms so it will be possible to play Minecraft on the way home on your Windows Phone and once at home you can continue your work in Minecraft at your PC, your console or your Surface Pro 3. This sounds pretty good but I think we will still have to wait a bit for that until this import to the Xbox Live Network is finished and it is finally possible to play the same game on every platform.

Phil Spencer has not said anything about the versions for PlayStation 3 & 4 and the PS Vita, probably Microsoft wants also this versions to require the Xbox Live network but I am pretty sure that Sony will block these tries to import the Xbox Live network there so they probably have to find another way there. Furthermore he has not said anything yet about the ongoing support for the PlayStation versions but I think they can’t afford to loose all current Minecraft gamers from PSN.

The Deal itself between Mojang and Microsoft will take about until the end of this year, according to Phil Spencer the purchase of the Mojang Studio has not been finalized yet. What do you think about the future of Minecraft in cooperation with Microsoft. Do you think Microsoft is heading in the right direction, let me know below in comments.