Berlin: Tax Authority will go back to Microsoft Office



The tax authority in Berlin wants to change their Office system from Open Office back to Microsoft Office, the reason for the change is an easier exchange of data between the different financial sections from Germany according to a spokesman from the tax authority in Berlin. Currently they are having a over four year old Open Office Suite in use. This change will concern about 6000 people who are currently working with the Open Office Suite at the tax authority.

According to the spokesman the communication with other sections and other countries from Germany gets too complicated if they continue to use the Open Office Suite in this section, also because the majority is using Microsoft Office and not the Open Source competitor. They have not said what version they will change to but the exchange should be completed until mid 2015. Currently the Authority in Berlin is using version 3.2 of Open Office which has been released in April 2010, so a version which is already older than 4 years.
There are also other sections in Germany which are currently using the Open Source method for their documents but are asking for a change to the Microsoft Office Suite because the compatibility is too restricted to be productive. This are sections like the financial directorate in Lower Saxony or also the city administration in Munich.
Those sections are not all using Windows as their operating system tough they want to change back to Microsoft Office and that is a good sign that Microsoft has done its job right with the Office Suite they are offering.

Let me know your thoughts on this debate Open Source or Microsoft Office Suite in comments below, thanks for reading.