The Big Bang Theory HD & Game of Thrones HD Apps for Windows Phone



Meanwhile there are almost tons of services which provide the ability to watch series and movies online but most of the time you have to pay for these services and then it can happen that you can’t even find what you were looking for. Now at least for two very popular TV series I can present you a Windows Phone app which are very user friendly, have a nice simply UI and do what they were developed for, what I am talking about is The Big Bang Theory HD and the Game Of Thrones HD app.

Both apps have almost the same design, probably also because they are both from the same developer but this also means that both apps are made in the same good quality. The Big Bang Theory app provides all so far released seasons and no episode in this seasons is missing. Tough the episodes are currently available only in English and also subtitles in German or any other language are not available yet. Normally you have to pay for this app but it is currently available for free in the Windows Phone marketplace so you have to be quick if you do not want to pay for it. Also the ratings of the app are 5 stars in average so this also confirms the god services, the app provides. To have a better impression what the app looks like and how it works, have a look at the screenshots below.

The Big Bang Theory

The Game Of Thrones app is still new to the store and is currently providing only season 1 and 2 but the rest will come with the next update according to the app description. Furthermore the 2nd season is watchable in blue ray quality so you will also get the best quality. Also the Game of Thrones app is currently available for free, tough I don’t know if this app is only free because it is new to the app store or if it will remain as a free app. What you should know about the app is, that it shows you a pop up windows on first start, like you can see below, where it explains that the episodes are blue ray quality and it can take longer to load if it does not load the video at all, they are recommending to restart the app.

Game Of Thrones

To download these to free apps from the Windows Phone marketplace just scan the QR code of the app or click the app icon, that will direct you to the app in the marketplace. Let me know your opionion on these two nice apps below in comments, and if you know any other apps similar to these don’t hesitate to contact me.