Telegram Messenger for Windows Phone receives Update


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Originally the Telegram Messenger app for Windows Phone has been developed independent but the company has finally shown interest for the smartphone OS from Microsoft and has chosen the best Telegram app to continue work there, and gladly Telegram continues to submit new updates for the app on a regular basis. Today the app has received another Update which is about 18 MB in size which is not too small and brings also some long awaited features.
One of these features are the integrated emoji’s which you can now use, nice addition. But also the app startup and search has been improved in the app. In addition to this the developers of the app have built in new animations to make the app seem a bit more professional.

Telegram Beta

Telegram is one of, in the meantime, a lot of Whats App alternatives, but despite to some other messenger apps also Telegram supports the users privacy. Therefore they are also using methods like end-to-end encryption or things like that to make messeging more secure again. To get a full list of things they are implementing in their app to guarantee secure messaging please visit the Telegram Website. There you will also notice that a desktop application is also existing for this messenger which is a nice little addition and differentiates Telegram a bit from its competitors.

Here is a list of all new features which came with this update from Telegramm today:

  • connecting/updating status
  • new animations
  • optimized search
  • fast update on startup
  • emoji support

If you are not using Telegram yet but want to try the app you can find the app by scanning the QR code below or visiting the this link to download the app for free from the Windows Phone marketplace.

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