First Microsoft Lumia branded device to be unveiled soon


Microsoft/Nokia has officially announced the brand name change of its Windows Phones from Nokia Lumia to Microsoft Lumia.

In an interview with Nokia Conversations, Tuula Rytilä, MIcrosoft’s Senior Vice President of Marketing for Phones, she discussed the changes that have been made and  those that are coming.

Tuula made the revelation that a Microsoft Lumia branded device will be unveiled soon. NO other information was given, we do not know if it is a low range, mid-range or a high end Lumia device. Neither do we know just how soon is soon. Though the guys at WPCentral are already reporting that we could see the first Microsoft Lumia branded device as soon as Nov. 7th according to their inside source. Nov. 7th is also the day the Lumia 830 and HTC’s One for Windows for At&t are expected to hit shelves. Nov. 7th is looking like a big day for Windows Phone fans.



Tuula also mentioned that Microsoft still had the right to use the Nokia brand on low budget phones like the Nokia 130 and they will continue to use it with upcoming low-budget phones going forward.

Tuula talked about Nokia social media channels and they will not be left out as they too will undergo a name change to reflect their new employer.

So Nokia Conversations could become Microsoft Conversations? I mean Microsoft already has an official blog for their Windows Phone platform, it will be interesting to see if that is merged with Nokia conversations or if it will be left on its own

Nokia Twitter handles like @NokiaUS will also get a name change.

We expect all these changes to be complete before the first Nokia Lumia device is unveiled, meaning the transition should be quite soon.

A lot of Lumia fans and Nokia loyalists are obviously disgruntled about the news, but it’s just a name change, the beautiful talented team that brought us the first Lumia’s devices are still pulling the strings, the only difference is they are doing it for a different company now.

Have you accepted the brand name change and are looking forward to buying a Microsoft Lumia device? Or have you already bought your last Lumia device after this news.



Source: Nokia Conversations